Michael H. Becker

Doctoral Student and Extremism Researcher

United States Federal and State Twitter Project

This project is a prospectively designed web-scraper for all official accounts of members of the United States Congress, all U.S. state Governors, as well as several Federal Executive positions most relevant to public communication around political violence. These data are collected daily using an R script linked to Twitter's API and developer tools.  

The downloadable data files on this app reflect the characteristics of the individual tweets as of the time that the webscraper was run. That is, tweets sent shortly before the script was executed will necessarily have fewer comments, favorites, and retweets than those published earlier in the 24 hour period. 

The list of current Congress Twitter accounts is made publicly available by Dr. Kelly Smith at the University of California - San Diego . Official Twitter accounts for State Governors are from the National Governors Association site.

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